M-Solv Ltd is a manufacturing company that employs 70 people and it is based in Oxford, UK with an Asian support facility in Hong Kong. Its activities target the printed, large area and flexible electronics market. M-Solv is part of the Hong Kong-based CN Innovations group which is a broad-based manufacturing organisation, particularly active in the mobile sector.

M-Solv has a development lab with 12 in-house built processing machines including inkjet and spray systems with a range of printheads and capabilities and laser processing stations with different sources and optics: wavelengths from 10μ to 266nm and pulse lengths from CW to 200 fs with processing areas up to about 1m2 plus roll-to-roll. We believe that for a successful development a close working relationship is needed between process provider, material provider, machine developer and end user. So we have developed an extensive network of materials suppliers and other process providers, to align with this philosophy.

We operate a “foundry” for large-area electronic device manufacturing. It is a Class 10,000 (ISO7) cleanroom, with multiple production tools and is ISO 9001:2015 accredited.