Avanzare Innovacion Tecnológica SL


Avanzare Innovacion Tecnologica SL (AVAN) is a Spanish SME specialized in the production of nanomaterials, nanomaterials dispersions and nanotechnology based solutions. The company is specialized in the development & commercialization of special additives, mainly for different matrices and industrial sectors: plastics, rubber, paints, paper, etc., with international presence in the automotive, aeronautic, fabric, plastic, rubber, paint and building industries, the wire & cable sector and manufacturers of household appliances and packaging wood, paper, among others.

AVANZARE is the European leader in graphene and other artificial 2D nano-materials such as n- Mg(OH)2, n-Zn(OH)2 and LDHs (double layered hydroxide) among other materials. With 13,000 m2 of facilities and more than 500 Tm of nanomaterials produced in 2020, AVAN has become one of the top 3 producers of nanomaterials in last decade.