Avanzare Innovacion Tecnológica SL

Products and Services

Summary of some of our products:

Thanks to Avanzare ́s research activities multiple new products have developed among others:

  • GRAPHENE related materials. We are specialized in the production of different bulk graphene and graphene/graphite nanoplatelets, industrial and lab grades. Ranging from graphene oxide grades, along with partially reduced and highly reduced graphene oxide grades, to pristine graphene. Dispersions and masterbatches are also available upon customer request: required dosage, grade, base material. Between most interesting properties, it is possible remark the electrical and thermal conductivity and improvements in mechanical properties (flexion, traction and scratch resistance).
  • Flame retardant & fire-resistant solutions consisting in non-halogenated and antimony oxide free compounds for thermoset, thermoplastic, paints and elastomers.
  • Antistatic/ESD additives for resins, rubber and thermoplastic materials, both for production and protection purposes; which prevent problems caused by static electricity and uncontrolled electro static discharges. These are colorless and let achieve colorable solutions.
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungi; highly effective technology at avoiding microorganisms’ proliferation at extremely low dosages.