BioG3D – New 3D Printing Technologies


BioG3D is a company headquartered in the premises of Technological Cultural Park of Lavrion (Athens) in Greece. It specializes in Additive Manufacturing technologies, Reverse Engineering, Bio(nano)materials synthesis and Toxicological Assessments of engineered materials in the macro-, micro- and nano-scale.

BioG3D is an ambitious SME focused on the development of innovative nanotechnology solutions and optimization of “smart” customized products and is equipped with advanced 3D printing and 3D scanning systems, along with design and modelling software to deliver upon request, advanced products with specific functionalities and increased accuracy.

The expertise of BioG3D in vitro studies assists on the manufacturing of safe products, thus enhancing confidence of consumers and relevant stakeholders and confront the inherent public mistrust to new technologies, by bringing to the market new products with safety. Furthermore, BioG3D expands its activities in the development of 3D microfluidic MEMS for Lab-on-a-Chip applications, 3D Printing of bio scaffolds, and the fabrication of non-conventional, complex structures for cell culture systems.