BioG3D – New 3D Printing Technologies

Products and Services

  • Complete spectrum of 3D printing services, offering the possibility to make ideas 3D printable in a wide variety of materials compositions, colors and textures. Complex structures can be easily fabricated in a personalized cost-effective way.
  • On demand fabrication of 3D printed objects in all sectors of everyday life by replicating objects through 3D scanning or by designing from scratch a 3D model. BioG3D’s goal is to deliver high- value design services, product materialization and rapid prototyping services to clients everywhere to facilitate new products market entrance.
  • Development of smart materials (as feedstock materials for 3D printing) incorporating specific nanoadditives to achieve improved or new functionalities in the 3D printed objects.
  • Toxicological evaluations through in vitro a of any type of engineered material (macro-, micro- and nanoscale).
  • Development of hybrid materials through 3D printing for biological applications targeting Tissue Engineering.