PolyPico Technologies Ltd


PolyPico Technologies Ltd (PPTL) is a provider of liquid dispensing technology and based in Cork, Ireland. Founded in 2012, the privately owned company designs and manufactures, fluid dispensing solutions for both Life Science and Industrial applications. PolyPico’s core platform technology is based on a patented innovation in non-contact ultra low volume acoustic dispensing technology. This platform technology brings new features, benefits and possibilities to applications where precision fluid dispensing is required.

We are focused on revolutionising the way bio-materials and other liquids are printed and dispensed. Our versatile technology combats challenges such as: cross-contamination; dispenser clogging; wastage; and system complexity, through the use of simple disposable fluid cartridges. PolyPico has worked with several of the worlds largest and smallest pharmaceutical companies, industrial companies and research organisations.

Our multidisciplinary team have a broad range of expertise in areas such as: micro-fluidics; electronics; software development; mechanical engineering; physics; business development and bio-technology. We offer customised solution and services for the Life Sciences and Industrial applications and invite you to contact PolyPico and learn how these innovations can help your company.