PolyPico Technologies Ltd

Products and Services

PolyPico Technologies Ltd. provides products and services to a global market, which include:

  • Ultra-high precision fluid dispensing equipment e.g. <1% CV
  • Ultra-low volume fluid dispensing technology down to the picolitre volume range
  • Robotic systems with +/- 6um positional accuracy on fluid drop placement
  • Drop-watch imaging systems
  • Custom dispensing systems for high viscosity reagents
  • Bespoke fluid dispensing systems

Application examples include: dispensing of proteins/antibodies to make microarrays and bio-chips; dispensing living cells for tissue manufacture or other purposes; dispensing of organic/inorganic suspensions/solvents; dispensing of nano-materials; coating surfaces / medical devices; dispensing: DNA; reagents; bacteria; micro-crystals; conductive inks; low viscosity adhesives; radio-active isotopes; monomers/polymers; pharmaceuticals; filling micro-needles and TEM grids, etc.