University of Strathclyde


The University of Strathclyde (UOS) is a top ranked university in the UK national Research Excellence Framework. The Centre for Precision Manufacturing (CPM) at UOS has over 40 researchers who conduct internationally leading researches in Precision-Forming and Micro- Manufacturing, Precision Engineering, and Light Metals Advanced Technology.

The goal of CPM is to be a world-leading advanced manufacturing research centre delivering “total” precision manufacturing solutions for next generation high value-added products. With the accessibility to 40 million pounds worthy world-class manufacturing research facilities, the centre conducts cutting-edge researches in Micro-Manufacturing Technology, Precision Forming Techniques, Ultra-Precision Machining Techniques, Micro/Nano-Machining Technology, Ultra-Fine Grained Metal Technology, Light-Weight Metals Processing Techniques, Multiscale Modelling, and Manufacturing systems for Ultra-Precision and Micro/Nano-Manufacturing. The centre aims to facilitate collaborations across different manufacturing themes and disciplines.

The CPM has engagement with worldwide industries and research communities (e.g. worked with more than 30 industry companies from 13 EU countries and currently working with more than 20 companies in various funded projects). The researchers of the group have generated a series of products, processes, tools and machinery designs, and analysis results respectively for material, electronic, automotive, aerospace, and machinery industries.