University of Strathclyde

Products and Services

We provide design and manufacturing services through our expertise and advanced design and manufacturing facilities, including:

Rapid Design & Manufacturing Lab focuses on rapid prototyping and manufacturing equipment. This lab is capable of different 3D printing tasks (including Fused Filament Fabrication, Inkjet 3D printing with UV curing of photopolymer, and 3D printing with powder and ink-binder), 3 & 4-axis CNC machining, Laser cutting/etching, and 3D colour laser scanning.

Precision Manufacturing Research Lab which owns the flexible forming presses, micro-machining/forming systems, water-jet cutting machine, CNC machine centres, and various research software (including Solidworks, ABAQUS, CASTEP, ANSYS and self-developed software modules) supports precision forming techniques and tooling developments, light-weight metal processing, ultra-precision and micro/nano-manufacturing, micro-manufacturing tools and customized equipment developments, and multiscale modelling of advanced materials and new manufacturing processes.
Metrology Lab is equipped with Zygo, Laser-Scanner, AFM, Optical Microscope and latest CMM, which is able to perform high precision geometric and surface measurement.